4 decorating tips to make any room look better

You don’t need to spend nights going through different ideas to renovate your room. Here are some tips that can help you renovate any room.

Choose a paint color that will last

There are many paint colors with different tones and shades. Each of this paint looks different from one home to another because of fo the various sources of light, and other factors. You should choose a color that will match with everything in the room.

Give some space to your furniture

Don’t overcrowd a room. You should have lots of space in your room. You should have few furniture that is unique. For example, a small coffee table beside your bed. You can use decorative items like photo frames or wall hangings which will not take up any floor space of the room.

Hang artwork at the proper height

In art galleries and museums, artworks are hung so that the center of each piece is 57 inches to 60 inches from the floor. You should do the same for your home. Even if the ceilings of your room are high, you should maintain this height. You can take a picture of your wall after hanging it. Then you can find out yourself whether any adjustment is needed or not.

Arrange your furniture on a rug

You can have a rug large enough to place all the furniture. This will create a luxurious feel. The bigger rug you have, the better it will be. If you have a small room, it is better to keep the legs of your furniture off the rug. Don’t pick up a very small rug. Another way of arranging is to put just the front feet of all your seating chair or sofas on the rug. This will give a feeling of openness.

Use these tips and add your personal touch to it. Rooms that are overly designed don’t look good. These techniques can make any room look better.