4 factors to consider when choosing the exterior paint palette for your home

The exterior paint color of your house can affect the whole street. So, it is a challenge for the homeowners when it comes to choosing a palette. You need to consider some factors when choosing the exterior paint color. These factors blended here.

Design or build of the house

If you are not doing a whole renovation, the surfaces like tiles, stonework, pathways, etc. will be the same. So choose your exterior colors accordingly so that it matches with rest of the house. Consider whether the colors are warm (like beige, brown, rust, etc.) or white (like blue, gray, black, etc.). You should have to think about the architectural style of your home. If it’s a Victorian-style home, you cannot have a modern color. If you ask the paint manufacturers, they will be able to provide you with historically accurate paint colors.

Visual effect

You should decide what kind of visual effect you want to create. You can paint your home with a darker shade compared to the rest of the house to make it stand out. Also, while trying to be different, don’t choose an odd color that will affect the whole neighborhood. The realtors will have a tough time selling the other houses on the street because of the image you will create with your paint.

Choose three or more different shades

An exterior scheme has three major parts: field color, accent color, and trim color. The field color dominates the building; the accent color highlights the door and shutters, and the trim color is used for windows and door casings, railings, roof edging, etc. The trim color you choose must strongly contrast with the field color. For example, if the primary color is dark, then you should have a white trim or a pale shade.

Test it before applying

You should first buy a quart of paint and test it on a hidden area of your house. Look at it various times and under different weather conditions. Test how it changes with the light, etc.

These tips can help you to choose the right color for your house. The exterior paint of a house is critical as it can transform the house entirely.