7 steps to wiring a ceiling fan

The household circuits contain a white wire, black wire, and copper ground wire. The ceiling fans have different colored wires that don’t match with the wires of the household circuit. This can be confusing. Also, the ceiling fans can be used with light or without it. The manufacturer often installs a different wire for the lights. Here are the steps to wiring your ceiling fan.

1. First, you need to turn off the circuit of the ceiling fan at the main breaker panel. You can use a ladder to get access to the electrical box present at the ceiling. You must hold a voltage sensor inside ethe box that is beside the black wire. If electricity is present, you will hear an alarm and the sensor will flash as well.

2. You should hang your ceiling fan from a mounting bracket. If you are installing the fan with down rod, then you should put the down rod inside the bracket. It will properly carry the weight of the fan. If you have a flush mount fan then there will be a small hook on the motor to connect to the motor and hold the fan’s weight.

3. You should have a look at the wires inside the electrical box. The black wire leads to the wall switch. This is known as the hot wire. The white wire is neutral and it makes the electrical circuit complete. The bare copper wire is known as the ground wire. If the ceiling fan and light are operated separately then you should have a red wire as well in the electrical box.

4. You should have a look at the wires that are coming from your ceiling fan. The black wire runs the motor and the fan blades. The white wire is neutral. The blue wire is the light fixture of the ceiling fan. There is no ground wire for the ceiling fan motor.

5. You should find out the short green wire on the hanging bracket of the ceiling fan. You should attach this wire with the bare copper wire in the electrical box. You should twist the wires. You should add the orange wire connector to the two wires. If only a green ground screw is available instead of the green wire, then you should wrap the copper wire around it and make the screw tight.

6. You should now join the end of the white insulated wire that comes from the ceiling fan to the end of white wire coming from the electrical box. You should twist a wire connector on the wire to complete the circuit.

7. You should connect the black insulated wire fro the fan to the same colored wire from the electrical box. If there are no separate switches for the fan and the light then you should take the blue wire and connect it with the black wire from the fan’s motor and the insulated black wire from the electrical box. You should then add a yellow wire connector to all these three wires. For additional switches, you must connect the two black wires with the orange wire connector. The blue wire and the red wire must then be matched together. You must twist an orange wire connector with the blue and red wires.

Wiring your ceiling fan may look complicated. But once you start the work and follow these steps, you will be able to wire your ceiling fan quite comfortably and correctly.